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Farmers First at Holler On The Hill

Jun 15th, 2018

It’s fair to wonder, how did the music and farming connection come about? Holler On The Hill curator and founder, Josh Baker, spent most of his childhood learning the value of discipline and hard work on his grandparents’ family farm. He can tell you countless stories about learning to drive combines and tractors long before he ever drove a car. From his childhood connection, the struggle of the family farmer has been on his mind over the years.

“I wish more people understood the amount of work and risk that goes into farming,” says Baker. “The risk is the same for a large scale operation working a thousand acres as it is for the small grower raising vegetables for the local market. Luckily, these folks (farmers) are a different breed. Margins are thin, the days are long, and through all of the challenges they persevere. Farming always gave me a sense of community; families, friends and neighbors all coming together to help each other.”

The Holler On The Hill idea came from a yearning for that same communal feel of working around the farm, but with music as the centerpiece. Because there’s nothing quite like haulin’ and hustlin’ on the farm to some Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Holler On The Hill will donate a portion of proceeds from each ticket to five local organizations including: Hoosier Organic Marketing Education (a local tie in with Farm Aid), Indiana Farmers Union, Indy Parks Foundation, Garfield Park Farmers Market and Indiana Forest Alliance.

“Sustainable, diversified, organic production is helping family farmers off the treadmill of industrialized agriculture and letting them rediscover their basic reason for farming: A love of the land and a desire to protect its integrity for future generations.” ~Willie Nelson